15145075_1668537896809967_807712011_oHi, I am Hayley Doody, founder of Remote Associates.

Back in January 2013 I launched Remote Associates with the idea that there must be lots of businesses that really need an office assistant, but not full time, or even part time, but maybe only for a few tasks. That’s where I come in as your Virtual Assistant and my aim is to make your life easier!

Whilst I started as a solo Virtual Assistant (VA), I now have a small team who help me and we are constantly looking at developing new services for our clients. The major benefit is that you can use us on a full-time, part-time, or occasional basis without the hassle of having to employ and manage your own staff and all the overheads that go with it!

At Remote Associates we pride ourselves on providing reliable, professional and high quality administrative services to suit you. You don’t need to provide us with office space, equipment or supplies as we work from our own office. As independent contractors we are responsible for our own tax and insurance – and we are tax deductible!

Of course once you’ve started using Remote Associates, you may find us so useful, you’ll want even more tasks to come our way!