RA Team Member Michelle’s 5 Challenges

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about the challenges of working from home and provided a few tips and tricks as to how to overcome them.

ID-100201395 by gameannaIn our last post Working from Home Challenge: Space to Work Productively we mentioned how one of our Remote Associates team members, Michelle, started up her business from her desk in her bedroom, so we thought we would ask her to write a little piece about what that was like and any challenges that she had to over come. So here’s Michelle’s story…

Hey everyone! It’s great to share with you how I started up my business from my tiny little bedroom whilst living at home with my folks. It is possibly one of the most challenging yet rewarding tasks I have ever done in my life!

Due to endless temporary contracts after I became redundant in 2008, I got tired of going from place to place and feeling as though the input and hard work that I put into my roles never got me anywhere. After all, a temporary position was indeed that and I wanted something more. Something where I would be rewarded for my efforts and have some control over my career path. So I decided to become a Virtual Assistant. The story as to how I made that decision is another one entirely, which maybe I will share with you one day, but for now, I’ll share with you how I made it work from the tiniest of spaces to be productive.

My parents bought their house as basically a stop gap! They travelled a lot and just wanted a place to rest their heads for a few months at a time, whilst they went back and forth to their property in Florida, so what they had purchased back in the UK was a relatively small home that was ideal for the two of them. They didn’t count on me turning up on their doorstep one day in 2008 with my bags packed and my arms outstretched saying “I’m home!”

So to cut a long story short, three adults in a home designed for two was challenging. My bedroom space was limited and the phrase ‘room to swing a cat’ comes to mind. 

With sheer determination I made sure that my immediate surroundings were comfortable and productive. Many an evening I spent working away at my tiny, TINY desk developing ideas for my business. That was hard! = CHALLENGE 1.

Having a semi-retired dad (who lacks in hobbies and likes to chat) was amazing as I had him around, but it was tricky because it could often be distracting. = CHALLENGE 2

Mum also works from home, and obviously dad likes to be on his iPad, so three people connected to the internet caused some speed issues. = CHALLENGE 3

My ‘office’ was in my bedroom, and so I felt like I could never escape work. The place that was meant for rest and relaxation was filled with an aura or work, stress (yes it’s stressful starting a business) and tension. I could never switch off. = CHALLENGE 4

Keeping your head sane was also a challenge. I was building a business and appreciated the support I was getting from my amazing family, however, not being able to be out there making a reasonable amount of money and supporting myself, ended up with me losing a little self- confidence and independence = CHALLENGE 5

All of these challenges may appear to come across as negative, however I think of them in an extremely positive way. If I’d not started my business from my bedroom, I’d not be where I am today with my own office, overlooking my back garden, in a comfortable chair and with a MASSIVE DESK! 

What I’m trying to say is that these hurdles and challenges are totally worth it. Keep at them and working from home will be the most rewarding thing you have ever done!

~ Michelle 

Have you faced similar challenges? What have you learnt and would like to share? We would love to hear from you!

We’ll be asking our other team members over the next few weeks to provide us with their stories and challenges, so watch this space.

~ Hayley and The Remote Associates Team

 Image courtesy of gameanna at FreeDigitalPhotos.net