Working From Home Challenge: Work/Life Balance

ID-100260598 by stuart milesWe’ve previously been posting about the challenges that you face when you work from home, or should we say, remotely, as not everyone decides to work from their home office. Many people utilise the freedom to take their laptop to the local coffee shop with a free wi-fi connection or do their accounts or writing in the park on a sunny day.

Being able to benefit from this freedom, helps to contribute to a healthy work/life balance. There’s nothing better for you than some fresh air, or surrounding yourself with people if you often spend days on your own, however, it’s also important to know when to totally switch off!

For your family, there is nothing more frustrating than wanting to spend the day with their loved one, but if your face is constantly checking your emails on your mobile phone or you are stressed and unable to relax and enjoy some quality time then your work/life balance needs to be addressed. 

It’s important to your family, your health and your business that you know how to get the balance right.

Here are our 5 tips to contribute to a healthy work/life balance.

1. Have a separate business phone 

Mobile phones do everything but wash the dishes these days, which means that we are constantly available. From checking emails to spending time on social media, if we have our phones in the palm of our hands 24/7 we will never switch off from work. Think about whether it’s worth having a separate phone for personal/business. One that you can switch off at the end of your working day, and the other that is for personal use only. If you use your phone for social media, then turn off any work related notifications to avoid being distracted and switching your mind back to work mode. Alternatively, make it a technology free time! We don’t mean don’t watch TV or listen to the radio, just reduce communication methods and enjoy some peace and quiet from the social buzz.

2. Have a dedicated ‘NO WORK’ day

Sunday is always a good day to totally switch off. Spend time with your family by doing activities or going on a day trip. Take some time out to be by yourself and read a book or if you are the creative type, get out that sewing machine, go tinker with the car or get your green fingers on and get out in the garden. By totally switching off from work you can recharge your batteries, ready to start over again.

3. Stick to your working hours

Whatever they may be and however flexible they are, do the hours you agree with yourself that you will do each day. This doesn’t mean a 14 hour slog! It means setting yourself a reasonable time-scale to complete what is within your capabilities. We know that you have deadlines to meet, but with careful planning, these can be achieved without working into the night (unless you’re a night owl of course, and those are the working hours you have set yourself.)

4. Exercise

This one goes without saying. To achieve a healthy work/life balance, you need a healthy mind and a healthy body. By getting in the habit of regular exercise, you are filling your brain and your body with powerful positive chemicals that will help you to think clearer, be more productive and most important of all look after YOU!

5. Regularly review your structure

If you are finding it difficult to achieve a work/life balance then you need to take a step back and review your structure. Working remotely means that you are in control. You are the one that can make the decisions as to how you can work effectively and in a way that benefits your health, so if it’s not working – fix it! Take some time to analyse what you might be doing wrong and implement changes to make it right.

Is there an area that you particularly struggle with in gaining your work/life balance?

If you find that you are taking on too much and need some assistance so that you can gain back that work/life balance then contact us here at Remote Associates. Our team have your interests at heart and want to ensure that you are your best self to run your business. Let us take on some of those tasks that are taking up your time. Let us help you gain back some freedom to breathe.

We would love to hear from you with your thoughts and comments!

Until next week…

~ Hayley and The Remote Associates Team

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