Working from Home Challenge: Discipline

ID-100268377 by patrisyuTo work from home, it does take a certain kind of person. You have to be self motivated, organised and disciplined.

You need to be setting yourself boundaries, not only with your clients but also with yourself and making sure that you stick to them.  It’s easy to become distracted at home by other tasks that are not work related. Albeit it’s good to put the washing on and prepare the dinner each day with plenty of time, or sort out that cupboard that’s been bothering you with a touch of DIY, however, it’s also very easy to get side-tracked and to spend more time on non work related tasks than completing what you need to do to earn a living.

This is where the challenge of discipline comes in.

  • Set yourself working hours Whether you choose to work the 9 ’til 5, or a later or earlier shift. Stick to your hours. By sticking to your hours, remember that you may have chosen to work from home to be flexible, so those hours don’t need to be consecutive. What we mean is, if you are aiming to do 7 hours a day then DO 7 hours a day.
  • Keep on top of your ‘to-do’ list When you have a ‘to-do’ list you know what you need to get done. Those tasks won’t tick off themselves, so you need to be disciplined and focused to get the jobs completed. If you’re list is never at a satisfactory completed level then you need to assess if you’ve taken on too much, or if you’re just not simply being productive.
  • Have a dedicated space to work in Whether it’s a dedicated room in your house as your home office, or a corner of the dining room, make sure that you have a dedicated space to work in. Your ‘work zone’. It doesn’t have to be a specially designed space, just somewhere you can function productively.
  • Get the fun stuff out of the way  Arranged a meet up with a friend? That’s great, because you work on a flexible basis, that’s one of the benefits. However, if you are someone that spends most of the day unable to concentrate because you’re too busy thinking about that glass of wine with your best friend over lunch, then maybe you should instead schedule a coffee in the morning, so that you can continue with your working day on your return without the excitement distraction.
  • Take note of your productivity It sounds like an extra chore but it’s not. It’s pretty simple. Keep a small notebook to jot down your achievements. Perhaps you feel motivated by a visual of how much income you are creating on a daily basis? If that’s the case, write down the amount you have billed for each task.  Whatever motivates or inspires you is what will keep you disciplined.

What do you find difficult with working from home? Are you struggling at being disciplined? What do you do to overcome those days when you may feel the tendency to ‘slack off’? Do you have specific tasks that you put off and take any excuse of sidetracking to avoid them? Perhaps Remote Associates could help you with those tasks, so that you can regain your focus?

As always, we would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

~ Hayley and The Remote Associates Team

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