Remote Associates Walking on Air!

Remember in our last post, that we may have mentioned we were a teeny tiny bit excited about the #SBS (Small Business Sunday) win? If you didn’t get chance to read it then by the magical power of clicking here you can find out just how excited we were…well, still are!

It was a pretty amazing week, and last week was equally as amazing!

ID-10027539You may recall some time ago that Hayley was invited to be interviewed on BBC Radio Derby for the Sally Pepper Show about starting up Remote Associates. (We even blogged about it back then so click here for the refresher).  Well, last week she was invited back to share the news about #SBS. We’ve recorded the audio for you, so that you can have a listen.

Remote Associates are on the up and we are so excited! Here’s a bit of a shout out to all you entrepreneurs out there.

Keep aiming for the stars and focused on your goals and you too will be walking on air!

~ Hayley and The Remote Associates Team

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