Let Your Client Be Your Guest

By naypongIf you’re someone that writes a blog regularly then you will know how effective they are at creating engagement with your audience. By writing a blog you convey an element of personality to your business and become someone that people can relate to. This is extremely important when you work in a Virtual World.

Sometimes, it is nice to feature articles from other writers. Having guests write entries for your blog is a great way of keeping content fresh and exciting. How about asking one of your clients if they would like to feature in your blog stream?  Introducing a clients’ business to your audience helps them to demonstrate what it is they do also to a wider audience. It’s a great form of marketing.

Have you thought about having a client write a guest blog post for you?

It may be something worth thinking about, and a great way to showcase your client base.  If they struggle themselves with actually writing the post, then offer them assistance, or draft something for them.

Remote Associates would love to hear from you if you would be interested in featuring as a guest blogger. So please get in touch, so we can share with our own audience, as well as reach out to a new one.

~ Hayley and The Remote Associates Team

Image courtesy of naypong/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net